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Classic and Strings | Pianists by M8 Entertainment


A dinner party, wedding or corporate event is a celebration of an important occasion that calls for special entertainment – perhaps classical music. Some of the greatest pianiste include Beethoven, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Arthur Rubinste, withth phenomenally composed masterpieceincludingde Beethoven’s Sonata. 


The Benefits Of Piano Concerto live performance 

Music For The Soul

A great Pianist performer offers the most unique kind of music that you simply cannot find anywhere else.  This intimate experience is one your guests will remember for years to come; they will forever dream of the incredible piano works performed at your event. 


Zero Distractions

When a pianist plays their chamber music at the perfect volume, you won’t have to worry about conversations being drowned out by music, making it easier for all of your guests to chat and mingle. Plus, since the artist is playing instrumental piano music pieces instead of songs with lyrics, there won’t be any distractions from what’s going on around the guests, as you would typically get with a singing performer.


The Key Elements


The best kind of live entertainment should have three key elements: uniqueness, style and taste. The right combination makes for a truly unforgettable experience that can enhance your guests’ experience so much they’ll tell their friends all about it.



What’s better than listening to someone sing on stage? The answer is having them come directly to your dinner table, of course! This brings an exciting element to any social gathering; you can make this experience even more memorable by having your performers come to you in character, adding an extra quirky touch.



Providing live music for corporate events is not just about picking the right performer – it’s also about choosing the right instrument and genre. Our solo pianists offer a soothing ambience through elegant melodies from classical composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Bach that will take your guests on a musical journey through time. Using a piano instead of guitars or drums is also more likely to impress those with refined tastes.



Hiring a classical pianist for a meal or event is a great idea. They can play any songs you would like, creating an unforgettable experience and allowing your guests to relax and enjoy their dinner or sit back and let the performer create a romantic mood for them with lovely classical melodies. Whether during dinner, guests can enjoy background music or at the end of the night to send everyone off with good spirits.


Your Entertainment Solution


At M8 Entertainment, we have some of the greatest pianists on our team. We are entertainment professionals who have been servicing the entertainment needs of clients around the world. We strive to provide high-quality music acts for dinner parties, weddings and corporate events. So if you are looking for piano entertainers, you can’t go wrong with our professional pianists.


Our pianists are experienced musicians who know their music and the instruments inside out. So whether you’re looking for classic dinner entertainment or modern hits, we’ve got your needs covered to complete the perfect ambience at your event!

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