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Entertainers – Magicians by M8 Entertainment


Magic has delighted crowds and left mouths wide open for centuries, with people worldwide being dazzled by this type of performance. Modern magicians have more tools than ever before to take your breath away, and we’re proud to offer some of the UK’s best magicians for your events. 

A Magician’s Many Forms


Magicians often specialise and choose a field that best suits their style of magic. Different types of magicians will be ideal for different types of events, and this means that you may need to do some learning before you choose the magician for your event. You can find some of the most popular types of magicians below.

Stage Magicians


As their name suggests, stage magicians perform their skills on a stage. This will usually involve large-scale illusions, tricks that everyone can see, and acts that get everyone in on the fun. This type of magic is ideal for large events with a lot of people, while also being great for parties.

Close-Up Magicians


Unlike stage magicians, close-up magicians will usually perform smaller tricks that are designed to be viewed by a handful of people. This can be perfect for events like weddings, where people will be scattered around.


It’s worth keeping in mind that many magicians can perform a range of different types of magic. This makes it worth exploring all of the magicians we have available on M8 Entertainments before you pick the one for your event.

Is A Magician Right For Your Event?


Magicians can provide great entertainment for events of all sizes, making them ideal for just about any event you want to host. You can find some of the most common event types our magicians will perform below, but we encourage you to consider magicians for other types of events, too.


  • Birthday Parties: Whether for adults or for children, parties are a great chance to try out a magician. Performers like this can make this type of event incredibly fun, giving you and your guests the chance to build some memories.
  • Weddings: Weddings are supposed to be days that you remember, and this makes magic one of the best forms of entertainment you could ask for. All of our magicians have experience at weddings.
  • Corporate Events: Businesses can also make use of magicians for their events, whether they are for the public or completely internal. This can provide an easy way to make your customers remember you.


Discover that the magical presence of a magician can transform your party. Magicians provide a unique form of entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else. This makes them great for most events, while also giving them an edge against other types of entertainers. Of course, though, it’s worth taking a look through all of the performers we have available to ensure that you make the right choice for yourself.

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