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Lookalikes For Hire by M8 Entertainment


At M8 Entertainments we’ve got a range of fantastic professional lookalikes for hire. Our Lookalikes are the perfect choice for many events, whether it is promotional events, weddings, parties, or corporate events. We work with the best lookalikes in the UK,: believe us your guests will think they are the real deal.


If you’re searching for Lookalikes for hire, M8 Entertainments has plenty of options. All of our Lookalikes are specially selected, we only choose lookalikes with the perfect resemblance, from looks to voice and mannerisms. You’ll be super impressed by the quality of our lookalikes. Get ready to impress your event guests, and snap some seriously realistic celebrity selfies. We have a wide range of stars available from Captain Jack Sparrow to Gordon Ramsay, Posh and Becks and Marilyn Monroe.


Choosing the right lookalike


You’ll want to find a quality lookalike, to make your event extra special. At M8 Entertainments our Lookalikes don’t only look like their celebrity, they act like them, and sound like them. We choose celebrity impersonators with great acting skills and plenty of charisma. Our Lookalikes don’t just pose for a few pictures, they’ll get into character and interact with your guests.


When you’re choosing the right lookalike there are several considerations to make. You’ll need to think about which Lookalike is most appropriate for your type of event. It could mean considering the event theme, or the type of guests you’ll have at the event. You’ll want to ensure that the lookalike appeals to your guests. For instance, think about the age group, will your guests know who the lookalike is? Will they be impressed by this Lookalike, and keen to have a photo?


Why choose Lookalikes for your event?


From James Bond and David Beckham, to Elton John and Johnny Depp, lookalikes and impersonators make for incredible entertainment booking for your themed events. 


There are plenty of reasons to hire a lookalike for your event, you’ll make your guests laugh, and give them some awesome photo opportunities. Lookalikes have a great novelty value, they create a lively atmosphere and make a big impression. Have you always dreamed of having a celebrity come to your wedding? Well, now you can make that dream a reality. Looking to surprise your employees at the next staff party? M8 Entertainment has plenty of different lookalikes to choose from.


If you’d like to create a memorable occasion, our talented celebrity impersonators can help you out. You’ll just love meeting our range of celebs, your event guests won’t believe their eyes. Lookalikes are perfect for corporate events, they can present awards, and give speeches, and more.


Contact M8 Entertainments


At M8 Entertainments we offer a fabulous standard of entertainers, from lookalikes to dancers and wedding bands. We have connections with the top UK lookalikes, you’ll be incredibly impressed by their resemblance, costumes, and acting skills. Not sure which celebrity lookalike to choose for your event? M8 Entertainments can help you to make the right decision. Our celebrity impersonators and Lookalikes are perfect for parties, promotions, corporate events, weddings and birthdays. To learn more about our range of Lookalikes, give us a call today.

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