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Education Workshops, Animal Parties, Care & Nursing Homes, Special Needs Sessions, After School Clubs, Kids Clubs And Family Days, Weddings, Media Work and Photography Workshops

What Do They Offer?

If you, or someone you know, are fascinated by exotic animals and want a really close encounter, then Zoo2U have the perfect package for you!

Zoo2U has the unique ability to bring their amazing friendly exotic animals* into your home, or venue of choice. They have a wide range of animals including birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. There is also a wide selection of exotic animal party packages available to cater for all budgets: Based in the Midland area.  Ideal for After School Clubs, Schools.

Zoo2U cover a wide area including major towns and cities such as: Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Birmingham, Stoke On Trent, Chester, Crewe, Nantwich and Manchester.

The animals are top priority so it is unlikely that we will travel outside of this radius.

Why choose Zoo2U?

What to look for when choosing an Animal Encounter Company.

Zoo2U has decades of experience working with exotic animals, which means every aspect of your animal encounter is first class. However in this industry cheaper isn’t always better! Read below to find out more.

Zoo2U are licenced to operate as a Zoo. This means they are inspected to the same standards as all UK Zoo’s. This includes such large zoo’s as Chester Zoo!

There are many animal encounter companies throughout the UK. Some claim to offer a lot for a little price, however there are some important questions that you should be asking when deciding who to use.

Does Zoo2u have the right certification?

At the very least you should expect any company in this industry to have Public Liability Insurance (PLI), risk assessments, a performing animals licence and an animal transporters licence.

Zoo2U has all of the above and more including trading standards approved certification. Please ask and they will be happy to present them to you.

Can you trust the staff? Are staff DBS checked?

We all want to know that the people we work with or invite to functions or even our homes can be trusted. A DBS check can give you peace of mind.

Zoo2U staff have all been fully DBS checked and will happily produce the certificates upon request.

It’s a Hat Trick!

Zoo2U's Ben with a tenrec and Fred The Red

On a not so sunny day in June Zoo2U were invited to the Man United training complex for the 3rd year running. It was another fantastic Staff Fun Day. Each year we bring a different selection of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates for families to meet. This year the stars of the show were Andre the 6 foot boa constrictor, Milo the eclectus parrot, Chicko and Chimba our young meerkats and the ever interesting Vinegaroon!

In this impressive complex we we had 4 tables in a marquee as well as our purpose built outdoor pen for our meerkats. Throughout the day we met hundreds of animal mad families and inspired a few of the youngsters as well!

Animal Therapy is a well documented practice which offers great benefits to us humas, including improved motivation, focus and attention to tasks, whilst reinforces our ability to positively change.

Being around animals behaving as nature intended is such a motivational, reinforcing experience. Over the years Zoo2U have gained a great knowledge and experience through various different encounters ranging from motivating employees, to people will illnesses which have challenged their positive thinking.

Their wonderful team have been busy little beavers recently, working tirelessly to help them prepare for their very first zoo inspection at the Discovery Centre. Lots of paper work to complete as well as maintaining and updating their animal enclosures! They are extremely proud to say that they were granted our zoo licence on 12th October 2018.

But why the excitement you may ask? Well, they take animal welfare very seriously and strive to provide their animals with the highest possible standards of care. All zoos in the UK are subject to the same inspections, no matter what shape and size they are. So you can rest assured that they are governed by the same licence that governs large zoos such as Chester! The zoo licence also states that zoos should be involved in education, research and conservation, all of which we are involved in but will now be increasing our efforts in all 3 areas.

Without a licence they were very restricted in what they could offer. To date, they have mainly been an outreach zoo, taking their animals to see you. With a zoo licence they can finally open their doors to the public for as many days as they like throughout the year. This means that their experience days have increased to include a variety of species and you can even spend a few hours finding out what its like to be a zoo keeper with their keeper experiences! They will also have several open days and educational sessions.

They even have some intriguing, beautiful, wonderful, spectacular and fascinating animals and some naughty ones too. 


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How you having a wedding and don’t know how to entertain the children, what about booking Zoo2U, and here are some other ideas

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Zoo 2 U Are Ideal For

Education Workshops, Animal Parties, Care & Nursing Homes, Special Needs Sessions, After School Clubs, Kids Clubs And Family Days, Weddings, Media Work and Photography Workshops

Customer Name

Becky D


I booked Zoo2U for my daughters 2nd birthday party and I am so pleased I did, Becky and Jess were fabulous. They arrived in plenty of time to set up, they were brilliant with the kids and taught them how to hold, stroke and to use their inner happy voice � they also gave lots of information and history regarding the animals. The animals looked well cared for and content and I would not think twice about hiring Zoo2U for another party. Birthday parties can be stressful at the best of times but with Zoo2U everything was calm and well organised. I am a very happy mummy x
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