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An Amazing And Fantastic Band to Dire Straits…Dire Streets

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Dire Streets

Dire Streets Tribute Band

Dire Streets bring to life the classic songs of one of the world’s greatest guitar bands with a level of musicianship and attention to detail that makes them the stand out Dire Straits tribute in the UK.

The two-hour theatre show includes faithful renditions of classic studio tracks along with extended live versions from some of the legendary Dire Straits concerts.

For the best part of a decade, Dire Streets have performed Dire Straits’ incredible back catalogue to thousands of theatre-goers across the UK. Singing those greatest hits

No other Dire Streets tribute act comes as close to reproducing Mark Knopfler’s distinctive guitar and vocal tones – making Dire Streets as near to the original band as you can see live.

Dire Streets Band ….. The Best

The six-piece band is made up of some of the country’s top tribute musicians and delivers a stunning show that fulfils their mission of doing justice to one of the most original and talented bands the UK has ever produced.

The band makes no attempt to look like the original so no headbands or pink suits, just brilliant songs skilfully played with the enthusiasm and respect they deserve.

About Dire Straits

Took the name Dire Straits because it represented their financial condition in the early days.

In 2001, British scientists named a dinosaur they discovered after Mark Knopfler. They named the dinosaur, which was discovered in Madagascar, “Masiakasaurus Knopfleri” as a tribute to Knopfler.

Mark Knopfler was a journalist and teacher before joining the band. One of his first assignments as a cub reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post was to write Jimi Hendrix’ obituary.

The band’s demo cost only $175 dollars to make. The record company was so impressed that they got Spencer Davis Group bassist Muff Winwood (brother of Steve) to produce their debut album.

They were Princess Diana’s favourite rock group. Amazing !

Illsley once donated $750,000 to a charity to raise children’s awareness of the dangers of drugs.

At a concert in New Zealand, the Minister of Transport called off a National Stewards’ strike so they could make it to their show.

Before Dire Straits, David Knopfler was a social worker, and Illsley was studying sociology.

Mark Knopfler is left-handed but he plays right-handed; he says that makes him strong at vibratos.

Those greats songs such as Sultans Of Swing, Walk Of Life, So Far Away, Romeo And Juliet, Your Latest Trick, Why worry, Telegraph Road, Once Upon A Time In The West, Industrial Disease, Skateaway, Water Of Love, Wild West End, The Man’s Too Strong, You And Your Friend, One World, It Never Rains, In The Gallery, Ticket To Heaven.

More information check out Wikipedia,

Dire Streets Reviews

Came and watched Dire Streets on Saturday at Tiverton Arts Centre. It was an incredible performance. They played a super selection of classic straits stuff, and the band as a whole was very tight! Really enjoyed the evening and will 100% be going to see them again.

Saw this band on Saturday night at a Bath venue. Really enjoyed the whole evening. They are all superb musicians and the energy from the bass guitarist was amazing! Would definitely see this band again.

Great night last night at Tewkesbury. By the way, I’ve been informed that the Spanish city is a listed building and they
couldn’t knock it down after all.It is being restored,so the sailors landmark will be there for sometime yet.

When my wife got tickets to your concert other month at Radlett theatre, I honestly thought it would a cheesy pub act tribute, right down to the Knopfler headband and long hair. I went along to keep her happy. God, how wrong I was.

You guys were utterly utterly amazing, the passion you had for for the music went right down to getting practically every single single single note perfect.

Utterly incredible performance and, as I said to my wife during Sultans of Swing — if they hit the guitar riff solo notes ill be blown away. You did!! Awesome.

Your bass guitar Dancey bloke just summed up the whole night – he was loving it as did we all!!! Stunning performance and will be seeing you again soon.

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Dire Streets Are Ideal For

Festivals, Hotels, Holiday Parks, Theatres, Private Bookings, Concerts, Functions, Parties, Weddings, Clubs and Corporate

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Gregg Kett


Superb concert,last night, at Bridgwater Arts Centre. See them if you can. Thank you for the plectrum Mr “Rhythm Scouse”. Hope Rick Parfitt’s Grip tip works for you. Thank you for a memorable evening. All the best to you.
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