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Jazz, Brass, and Swing – Brass Bands


Long before rock bands and rap artists hit the music scene, brass bands were rocking people worldwide. This type of music can be uplifting and powerful, providing music lovers with the chance to enjoy a genuinely skilled form of music. But why should you choose a brass band for your event? 

The Power of a Brass Band


Brass brands typically consist of a range of brass instruments that will usually be backed up by percussion. Each instrument can produce a huge range of power, and a group of them together can make a lot of noise. This means that brass bands can often get away without having to use elaborate microphone setups when they perform, saving you a lot of time and effort when it comes to organising and planning your event.

Range and Versatility of a Brass Bands musical ensemble


While most commonly associated with jazz, brass bands can perform an array of different types of music. This gives you the chance to make requests and have your band play different songs, all without having to force them out of their comfort zone. Alongside this, most people enjoy the sound of brass instruments, and this makes them ideal for events with a lot of different people.

Brass Band Sizes


Alongside being powerful and versatile, brass bands are also scalable. Thanks to their range of component parts, bands like this are able to drop instruments when they don’t have the space for them. This means that many brass bands are able to tailor their performances to the venues that they have access to. This can make them great for events like weddings and parties when you don’t have very much room.

Events for Brass Bands


Here at M8 Entertainments, we are proud to offer entertainment for just about any event you could want to run. Brass bands are great for most events, but we’ve outlined some of the best uses of entertainment like this below. You can enjoy great entertainment without having to make compromises when you use a website like this.


  • Weddings: Brass bands can bring life to your wedding, giving you the chance to enjoy live music that isn’t the same as the options that most people choose for their big day.
  • Outdoor Parties: Unless your venue is very large, brass bands are best for outdoor parties and other personal events.
  • Corporate Events: Thanks to their volume, brass bands are impossible to ignore, and this can make them great for businesses at events like tradeshows.


Brass bands have been around for a very long time, but it’s never been easier to secure one for your event. You can find out about our brass bands below, and we encourage you to explore all of the options we have available before making the big decision. M8 Entertainment are on hand with a diverse range of incredible entertainment, ready to make your special event one to remember! Contact the team today!

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