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Medieval Musicians and Minstrels

Medieval Musicians and Minstrels

Few things can liven up a party like a bard or five, and M8 Entertainments has a range of medieval musicians and minstrels that can help you bring old charm to your events. Here, we’re going to look at what you need to know about medieval musical instruments, musicians and minstrels, the kind of folk and world music they can bring to your historical events and themed parties, and how M8 Entertainments can assist in making it all happen.

About Medieval Musicians and Minstrels

Medieval musicians and minstrels do everything in their power to bring some traditional folk charm from the middle ages to your event, with all of the novelty and unique sounds of medieval instruments such as lutes, hurdy-gurdies, harps, as well as some truly ancient instruments like the cornett and psaltery. Medieval musicians play all manner of old favourites, such as Greensleeves, Foy Porter, the Song of Roland, and more.


What’s more, these 15th century travelling entertainers look the part as well. This includes coming dressed up in old-fashioned clothes and costumes specifically made for their acts and lending their songs a little bit of a classical flourish. Some will even remain in character to make the experience all the more immersive and entertaining.

Why choose Medieval Musicians and Minstrels for your event?

If you want to bring a bit of novelty and character to your event, then there’s no better way to do it than with the help of musicians and medieval minstrels. They add a truly colourful style of music that is not seen as often nowadays. Join the guild and enjoy the music that would’ve been heard in the courts of Kings, as well as in the town squares. 


If you’re running an event that’s in setting most befitting medieval music, such as a wedding in a castle, then the right band of wandering minstrels could be just perfect for your event. With the recent popularity of fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, many more people are willing to let their personality and their slightly more nerdy interests show in the music they choose.

Choose M8 Entertainments for your Medieval Musicians and Minstrels

Whether you’re looking for medieval musicians and minstrels or any other kinds of folk and world music, M8 Entertainments is here to help it all go smoothly as possible. Not only do each group of musicians reach our standards of quality, but we also organise and book them directly for you. You have to select them through our website and select the specific type of service you need. What’s more, you don’t have to pay any booking fees for the pleasure, simply pay the musicians as you would otherwise and sit back to enjoy some traditional medieval tunes.


Take a look at the list of medieval musicians and minstrels that can perform for you or, if you have any questions, get in touch with M8 Entertainments, and we will answer them al las best we can.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Jeannette at M8 Entertainments on 07515 789837.
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