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Street Performers

Street Performers For Hire 

Street Performers are the perfect entertainment acts for an outdoor space, whether it’s weddings or private events. Perhaps you’re looking to draw crowds to your shop front, or put on a festival? M8 Entertainments has got all the Street Performers you’re looking for.

We have many different Street Performers including costumed characters, fire performers, street magicians, and circus acts. If you’re looking to wow your event guests, street performers are the way to go. 

These magical performers are a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained. We have connections with the best street performers in the UK; whatever your needs are we can deliver. Let M8 Entertainment help you put on a memorable and dazzling show.

Street Performers Create The Perfect Festival Vibe

Are you putting on a small festival? Perhaps an outdoor event or a boho-themed wedding? Street Performers are the perfect way to create a festival vibe. Maybe you’re looking for mime artists to warm up the crowd? Or jugglers for a traditional street entertainment feel? Street performers come in many different forms, if you’re looking for something specific, be sure to communicate this to our team. Creating a festival atmosphere is easy with the help of the best street performers in the UK. Let our enchanting characters inspire your imagination and keep you entertained.

M8 Entertainments Street Performers will add a touch of wonder and magic to your event. These performers can entertain guests of all ages with their skills, silliness and novelty value. From face painters to living statues or balloon artists, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Take your guests on a wild journey, the streets are the perfect place to throw a party! Musicians, actors, singers, or perhaps flower people? There are so many options with street performers.

How To Choose The Right Street Performers?

When you’re choosing street performers you’ll want to think about the theme of your event. To create the right atmosphere, you’ll need to choose Street Performers that match your theme. You’ll also want to consider the amount of space you have, (some Street Performers tend to take up a lot of room)!

 M8 Entertainments can make expert recommendations based on your theme, space, and type of event. When you’re looking to hire Street Performers you’ll also need to think about your budget. We have plenty of affordable performers, to suit various needs. 

M8 Entertainments Street Performers

If you’re looking to hire the best Street Performers in the UK, M8 Entertainment can help. Whether you’re looking for magicians, jugglers, live statues, or dancers we’ve got plenty of performers to suit every occasion. Jazz up your outdoor wedding or private event with the help of our wonderful street performers. We can help you to put on a spectacular event, no matter what your needs or event style. To find out more info about our Street Performers, get in touch with M8 Entertainments.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Jeannette at M8 Entertainments on 07515 789837.
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