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Caricaturists by M8 Entertainment


A Caricaturist is an artist who produces cartoons and drawings to represent people in an exaggerated and comical way. This type of art first became popular back in the 17th century when satirists used their artwork to ridicule public figures. 


M8 Entertainments can provide a wide range of talented caricaturist artists, each artist with their own unique style. Our artists are all experienced and reliable, catering to a range of different budgets. There are plenty of events that you might consider hiring a Caricaturist for.


Hire a Caricaturist 


Caricaturists are suitable for many different events, you might hire a caricaturist for a corporate function, wedding party birthday party, or festival. Caricaturists are the ideal entertainment option to make your guests laugh, and provide them with a brilliant memento of your event. 


Whether you’re looking to win points with clients, or give your wedding guests the giggles, Caricaturists are just what you need. The caricature style is about having fun with art, and celebrating the satire form.


What to think about when booking a Caricaturist? 


When you are booking a Caricaturist performer you should think about how many guests are attending your event. The average caricaturist can draw around 10 caricatures in one hour. Some can draw up to 15, (depending on style and level of detail). Considering the number of guests will help you to figure out how long you will need to book your drawing and entertainment artist for. 


Caricaturists work in different ways, for instance, some will move around the room to draw your guests. Other artists will remain in one place, and ask that guests come to them. You’ll need to discuss this with your Caricaturist at the time of booking.


Caricaturists work in the same style, but each artist will have different ways of producing their work. Some will produce traditional pencil drawings, and others prefer to work with digital drawings. Certain artists work in black and white, and others in full colour. Each Caricaturist will have their own spin on the genre, so you’ll need to consider which style and artist suits your preferences.


Why book a caricaturist for your event?


There are so many reasons to book a caricaturist for your event:


  • Caricaturists can provide a funny and memorable experience for your guests.
  • They appeal to guests of all ages.
  • Your guests get a special keepsake to mark the celebration.
  • Can be a great icebreaker for a business event – encouraging you to mix and mingle. 
  • Budget-friendly entertainment, with many different artists to choose from.
  • If you want something a little bit different, caricaturists are the perfect option.


M8 Entertainments Cariacurtists 


At M8 Entertainments we have plenty of different caricaturists to choose from, we carefully select our artists to ensure that you’ll get the best experience possible. Our artists offer affordable prices, all with their own unique take on the caricature form. To find out more about the hiring a Caricature artist, contact us at M8 Entertainments today.

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