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At M8 Entertainments, we can help you find any kind of high quality DJs or mobile disco acts that you might want to fill the dancefloor of your event. Whatever your style, we have the supply. This includes the mobile disco acts with years of experience that can bring all the sounds, lights, and hype that you need to make your event genuinely pop. Take a look at our roster to find the proper selection for your event.

About Mobile Disco

Mobile discos, also known as mobile DJs, effectively bring an entire disco setup with them. As such, not only do they get a mix of music of all styles to keep the party going (as well as the option to make requests), but they also bring with them their lighting and video elements that can add a layer of visual fun to the evening, as well.


Mobile disco acts can choose any kind of music you want but are most well-known for their party and wedding music, combining favourite pop and classic hits and a bit of cheesiness that can help break the ice and get guests more into their comfort zone. They’re also able to take requests and will bring any songs that you specifically request.

Why choose a Mobile Disco for your event?

A mobile disco act will bring all the party you need through the playlist of music they offer, but it can also provide a new level of spectacle and hype through light shows and videos that can be mixed alongside the music to create the absolute best vibes. Many DJs will curate light shows to go in time with the songs that they bring, helping guests lose themselves in the evening, making for an unforgettable night. They also carry all of their equipment, so you don’t need to put too much effort into it.


Many mobile disco acts take on the role of the “hype man” or “hype woman” for the event, which can include energetic interjections, making announcements of the happenings throughout the evening, and inviting your guests to dance.

Choose M8 Entertainments for your Mobile Disco

If you want the very best mix of energetic music and fantastic displays of light and video, then M8 Entertainments will have the mobile disco acts to suit your needs. Take a look at our roster to see who we have, what kind of music they play, where they’re based, and the specific services that they offer. You don’t have to pay any service fees to us; we just help you find the acts that you need, and then you pay them directly.


Mobile disco can bring the noise, lights, and hype, whether it is a wedding, private party, corporate event, or any kind of event at a venue you’re running. With M8 Entertainments, it’s easy to find the DJs and mobile disco acts that suit your needs. Ensure that the party doesn’t stop until you want it to stop with the help of your mobile disco.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Jeannette at M8 Entertainments on 07515 789837.
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