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CLASSIC GUITARISTs by M8 Entertainment

It is always tricky to find the right musical accompaniment for an occasion, so easy is it to misjudge the association. An accompaniment is, by nature, intended to provide a backdrop for the occasion, to be unobtrusive, but at the same time needs to be heard and to provide the correct vibe. Increasingly, people realise that the best way to get this mix right is to hire a classical guitarist and a strings combo to give the atmosphere.


Classic guitar players will be skilled in providing a set of tunes that manages to be delicate and moving while also being modern and contemporary. While the songs they are playing may not have been conceived with the guitar in mind – Beethoven and Mozart composed symphonies at their pianos, after all – a classical guitarist will be able to play those most delicate sections. In recent decades, classical airs such as Faure’s Pavane and Bach’s Air on the G String have been adapted in pop music. This versatility is appreciated at events as diverse as a wedding or a drinks reception.


When should you hire a classical guitarist?

It is increasingly popular at weddings to have a single guitarist play the role that was once the domain of an organist – providing a musical backdrop as guests. Loved ones take their seats, playing the bride and groom down the aisle, and often digging deep in their repertoire to provide songs that are of special relevance to the happy couple. If there is a specific song that means the world to you and you’re betrothed or a film you loved with a memorable theme tune, there is a classical guitarist or strings combo out there who can make it come alive on your special day.


Alternatively, it doesn’t need to be a wedding. A drinks reception or upmarket social gathering can also benefit from some well-judged “mood” music to welcome invitees to the party and provide a conversation canvas. Any special occasion that you deem suitable – a retirement party, a new corporate partnership being finalised, or a graduation reception – will be uplifted by a skilled guitarist (or a string duo, trio or quartet) playing a setlist of your choice. If you have special requests for the occasion, simply ask the professional, and they will do what they can. Classical guitarists can potentially play anything from Bach to the Beatles, from Schubert to Sheeran.


If you want to hire a classical guitarist

Suppose you’re planning an event that you feel would benefit from having a guitar playing musical backdrop that adds gravitas and brings a new slant to familiar international guitar notes. In that case, a classical guitarist and possible accompaniments might well be the perfect choice for your needs. Compile a specification of the sort of musical backdrop you need, with a few examples of songs or pieces you would appreciate, and contact us for help with finding the ideal classical musicians for your special occasion. You won’t be disappointed.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Jeannette at M8 Entertainments on 07515 789837.
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