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Planning an event comes with duties to look after. Booking the food and premises for this might be the most challenging part. You’ll need to hire quality entertainment for it, however you ought not to go too over the top. Depending on the occasion, an electric violin performance could be the most divine choice – particularly for a wedding party or stage show. 

Classically trained violin players have remained popular at corporate events and weddings for quite some time. That’s primarily because they provide a certain amount of class and sophistication to an occasion. 

Whether you’re looking for sophistication or a pleasant violin playing soundtrack for a romantic evening, you should hire a leading electric violinist. There are a few reasons why.

Why Hire An Electric Violinist For Your Event

A solo classical violin player can provide the perfect accompaniment to an elegant event, regardless of whether it takes place indoors or outdoors. Hiring two or three of them will enhance the effect. That’s typically seen with drinks receptions following a notable event, such as a wedding or corporate occasion.

Musical style doesn’t have to be a limitation here. If an electric violinist has a backing track – and possibly other players – they can play various genres. Many are notable for specializing in adapting specific styles to a more classical sound. Pop and rock music are no exception to this.

That flexibility and variety will be more than enough for your guests to enjoy. If you’re planning an event around a specific theme, then going with this classical approach could be recommended.

To take advantage of this flexibility, you may need to hire an electric violinist with many years of experience in that genre. Thankfully, that shouldn’t be an issue as long as you book them through the right company.

All of this will work to enhance the ambiance of an occasion. In many cases, you’ll want things to be relaxed but relatively formal. Violin players can be an effective accompaniment to that.

Costs can also be a priority for your event. You’ll be on a strict budget, so you mightn’t have a lot to spend on entertainment. You could choose a solo violin player, which can be much more affordable than hiring a band for an event.

Rates can vary significantly from act to act, however. That could lead to certain acts being outside of your budget. You’ll need to consider what kind of value you’re getting from the act.

Want To Hear More? Hire Them Through Us

If you want to hire an electric violinist, you mightn’t know where to start. After all, there could be hundreds or thousands of them based near you. How is it you choose between them? Working with an agency to hire your event’s entertainment could be the recommended option.

Not only can you draw on expertise, but there’ll also be multiple pre-approved acts already listed on the site. That should give you full confidence in the act’s abilities. While you’ll still need to make sure that they’re an appropriate act for your event, you shouldn’t have to worry about skills.

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