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Classical and Strings

Classic and Strings | STRING QUARTETS by M8 Entertainment

As you near your wedding day, the excitement becomes accompanied by anxiety; there are so many details to finalise! So how should you choose your entertainment? Since one of the principal roles of the band or ensemble is to create an ambience for your event, it’s important not to overlook this decision. 

You want your guests to enjoy every aspect of the evening. Classical chamber music can be appreciated for its rich history, deep meaning behind the lyrics, or just because it sounds amazing. Strings are not usually associated with fun, but they can be used as mood setters at parties. From violins, viola and cello’s, playing slow movement lighthearted tunes from bowstrings can bring smiles to everyone’s face. 

Hiring a highly experienced, professional ensemble like String Quartets can be extremely beneficial in achieving these goals.

What Is a String Quartet

A string quartet is a musical ensemble consisting of four string players – two violin players, one viola player and one cello player.

The musicians each play their separate parts and blend as one voice. For example, string quartets usually perform classical pieces (Mozart, Beethoven, etc.), arranging contemporary songs into string versions. They may even mix elements of both styles into the same amount of music to give it a fresh sound.

Choosing a band or ensemble to play at your event is only half the battle; many people are surprised to discover that assembling an appropriate repertoire can be challenging. The fact is that it takes years of experience to learn how to execute every complicated passage in classical music repertoire flawlessly.

Your Solution – M8 Entertainment

At M8 Entertainment, we have the best String Quartets in the business. Our performers are highly trained musicians who are all experts in their musical instruments. They practice for hours each day to play various styles of music – from classical classics to contemporary pop songs. 

They rehearse until they can play together perfectly and never miss a beat. Then, before working special events, the group gets together again to perform a “dress rehearsal” where they run through all of their pieces one more time before an audience to ensure that everything goes smoothly at the event itself.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Our musicians are often hired for dinner parties, weddings, and corporate events as they provide background music during the meal portion of the event. They can also be part of the entertainment during weddings and cocktails events before serving dinner. 

However, several dinner venues may prefer to have wait staff serve customers while listening to the playlist of favourite songs performed by our professionals. The ensemble members engage with each other and show they’re having fun – that helps encourage guests to have a good time as well.

We Strive For Class and Elegance

One of the most important things to consider when hiring entertainment for your event is whether or not they look professional. Our classical entertainers wear formal attire, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being underdressed at your soirée! 

We at M8 Entertainment know how important it is for our musicians to fit into any environment comfortably. So, we only provide the best string players in London.

The classiest of all event entertainment, provide your guests with an enchanting evening of music and dance, transporting them to another time. Suitable for dinner parties, weddings and corporate events alike.

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