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Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters by M8 Entertainment

Add an excellent musical surprise to your event by having Singing Waiters lurking among the service staff, ready to start entertaining and delightful. If you’re looking for Singing Waiters to add that extra entertainment factor to your events, then M8 Entertainments can help you find them. With our growing roster of surprise Singing Waiters, we can help you give your event the sparkle and fun that it needs.

About Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters are precisely what they sound like – surprise entertainment! They might seem like any other waiter you might see at such an event, and they will even do the work of serving and pouring drinks for your guests. However, at just the right moment, they burst into song, bringing a new level of surprise and delight to the event. This makes them the most darling entertainment for all events – from wedding parties to corporate functions!


Singing Waiters come in all flavours, from those who can deliver all your favourite pop hits, to those who can really belt out those power ballads, and even operatic and musical theatre singers. Saving your favourite songs for just the right moment can add a real fun factor to your event.

Why choose Singing Waiters for your event?

Singing Waiters have become a firm favourite for events of all kinds. Of course, the big appeal that they bring is that element of surprise that they offer. They will work to blend in with the catering staff, even working alongside them until the precise moment that you have agreed on beforehand. Everyone except your guests is in on the act, meaning they can help ensure that the surprise is pulled off without a hitch.


If you want a little extra entertainment, surprise, and even a little comedy to come with your event, then you are going to want Singing Waiters on your side. These musicians bring their own musical equipment as well, so you don’t need to worry about having to work on the set-up with them. They look like waiters, but they are professional singers, after all.

Choose M8 Entertainments for your Singing Waiters

Take a look at the website to get a look at some of the Singing Waiters that M8 Entertainments has to offer. We are constantly expanding the range of artists that we work with, looking for those who are able to cover a wide range of your favourite songs, as well as those who are willing to take requests. There’s nothing quite like surprising a loved one or honoured guest with a song. At M8 Entertainments, we take care of all of the efforts of finding and organising the best acts in the business to entertain your guests. All you have to do is decide what kind of service you want.


Whatever kind of event you’re operating, be it a wedding, private party, drinks reception, corporate event, or venue event, then M8 Entertainments can help you find the Singing Waiters that can add some extra fun factor and wow factor with it. Take a look through the acts featured on the website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help from our team.

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