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Throwing a party for your young child can be both an exciting and a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you want to make sure that they will have the best possible time during their event or birthday party. A fun day partying is the chance to give both children and adults the time of their life, which they might remember forever afterwards. If you are keen to give your child the best possible party, whether for a birthday or otherwise, one of the best ways to do that is by getting your hands on the ideal children’s entertainer.


Amongst professional face painters and balloon modelling specialists, there are a lot of different kinds of children’s entertainers you might want to get for the party – although a professional artist in face painting and glitter services will always go down a treat! In general, face painting artists are considered a vital and traditionally important feature of any children’s party. At M8 Entertainment, we offer some of the country’s most highly skilled and admired face painters to help make your child’s party a true success. It is well worth looking on our website to check out the various entertainers we have on offer! 

The Best Face Painters

We are proud to say that we offer some of the best face painters you can find, and all for a reasonable price too. Our face painters are well-regarded in their field with professional face painting designs that are second to none. Quality face painting services will always bring a smile to a  child’s face and make the entire event so much more amazing, not just for the children but even for any adults who are in attendance as well! Our face painters have a lot of experience working with children, and they know how to keep the party going, so check them out and see whether you might want one for your child’s event today. 

Trusted & Professional

We know just how important it is that the people who work in your child’s party are as trusted and professional as possible, which is why this is one of the main things that we make a point of looking into whenever we have someone hired for our books. You’ll be amazed at how easily these face painters work with children, and because they are working through a respected and respectable service such as our own, you know you can trust them for an event such as this. That helps give you greater peace of mind, which is always going to be essential for this kind of work.

Making A Great Child’s Party

With the right face painter and other kinds of children’s entertainers at your child’s party, you will find that the whole event will be so much more enjoyable and that your child will love it all the more. 


In addition to children’s parties, our face painters can entertain at parties, weddings and even corporate events! 


From amazing faces and baby bump painting to glitter tattoos, be sure to contact us to find out more about our full face painting entertainers!

To discuss your requirements, please contact Jeannette at M8 Entertainments on 07515 789837.
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